Am I Being Bullied?

It is hard to admit that someone is bullying you and maybe they have threatened to hurt you worse if you admit or talk about the fact that you’re being bullied. But it’s important to know that it’s not your fault, in fact, it has very little to do with you at all! It’s important for you to acknowledge it and take the appropriate steps to get help for yourself. 

Take this quiz to find out if you're being bullied. Put a check in the boxes if you've experienced these things before. 

  • There's a boy or a girl (or maybe more than one) who has repeatedly shoved or punched you, pushed the books out of your hands, pushed you into lockers or physically pushed you around in a mean way.
  • Someone who doesn’t like you had another person, another friend or classmate, hurt you for them. 
  • Your bully spread a nasty rumor about you, in conversation, in a note, or through email or instant messaging. 
  • You and your friends have regularly been kept from hanging out with, playing with, or attending parties with your bully & their friends. Examples: at your lunch table at school, during sports or other activities, or activities that are a part of a club or other kind of group activity. 
  • Your bully has teased you and other people in a mean way, calling them names, making fun of their appearance, or the way they talk or dress or act. 

If you checked any of these boxes, you're not alone. There are all types of young people who get bullied in every type of school and country in the world. Bullying is serious business and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. 

It doesn't have to be that way. You can learn about better ways to protect yourself & your friends from bullies. Go to Safety Planning for more information.

If you need help or advice, call us at 937-498-7261, or email us at

Additional Resources:

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