New Choices offers each victim/survivor and their friends and family a wide variety of crisis intervention services based on the assessment of each individual situation. 

  • 24-hr Hotline 937-498-7261: We are careful to listen to every detail of a victim/survivor’s story, answer any questions they have and work collaboratively with them to provide a customized plan to best assist them. This line is manned any hour of the day or night any day of the year for anyone who thinks they may be or is caught in an abusive relationship. The term “crisis” does not mean a person should wait until things have gotten worse before calling, call us right away, when the first thought of “is this abusive?” enters your mind.
  • Safety Planning: By far and away, our #1 job is to get people to consider and prepare for their safety. People living in abusive relationships often have complexities to their safety that need to be considered carefully and addressed. Whether remaining in the relationship or preparing to leave, we can come up with a a safety plan that works just for you and your children.
  • Safe, Emergency Shelter: Also available 24/7/365 our shelter is spacious, beautiful, comfortable and above all, safe. Each family gets their own bedroom with private bath and we have 2 separate living rooms, plenty of room for single persons or a family of any size. Children are more than welcome to shelter with their parent, we have tons of games, toys & movies. Our shelter is secured with 360º security cameras, and perimeter security featuring motion detection, glass break protection and electricity shutoff backup.
  • Case Management: We work together with any client and their children, sheltered or not, to create a plan to enhance their safety, empower & enable them to live independently. This plan may include job skills training, employment, educational pursuits, medical and/or mental health care evaluation and care, family relationships, personal budgeting & finance and any other concerns or issues presented by the client. We do not dictate what anyone needs and do not do the work for the client, but rather teach them how to do for and promote themselves as the competent, confident people they are/can be.

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  • Court Advocacy: We have an advocate who is specially trained to assist clients through the criminal justice system as well as obtaining a Civil Protection Order through the civil courts. This includes assisting victims/survivors in obtaining a Temporary Protection Order, accompanying them at the arraignment, pretrial and all other related hearings to a Criminal charge(s) against their abuser. We also assist with the completion and pursuit of Civil Protection Orders (sometimes referred to as Restraining Orders). We are not attorneys, but are well versed in the Shelby County court system and are experienced to advocate with and for clients at any point in their process.
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  • Child Advocacy: Our Child Advocate is specially trained in the care and advocacy for children who witness or are secondary victims of domestic violence. Each child coming out of an abusive home has a different experience and a unique set of needs. The Child Advocate works closely with the parent to assess each individual child’s needs and sets a plan for each child, advocating through the school system and local programs such as Help Me Grow, WIC, the Wee School, just to name a few.
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  • Resources & Referrals: Living in or leaving an abusive relationship requires a careful strategy and unique resources and referrals at each step in the process. We are dedicated to being and staying connected to all available resources in the communities of Shelby County that are in place to assist people in transition.
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  • Support & Support Groups: We dedicate ourselves to supporting each of our clients from their first call to their first year out of the relationship to 10 years later. Situations change, needs change, transition takes time, and as with many things, is often 1 step forward and 2 steps back. We are here to help keep the process of getting & staying safe moving forward.

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We are currently also working to re-launch our support groups. Again, these aren’t just for those who come in with a bruise or scratch but for all persons who are in an abusive relationship. If you have questions about whether you may be, click here.

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