New Choices | Domestic Violence Awareness Month
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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is, as many know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month; some do not know that it is also, Domestic Violence Awareness month. As October nears, we here at New Choices would like to ask the community to participate in a few small and fun acts of awareness, that will support the fight to end Domestic Violence.

The week of October 15 through October 21st, all around Shelby County will can find purple pumpkins hidden throughout the community– the Pumpkin Adventure will be our challenge to the community members to find a pumpkin and follow the given directions; whether that being for you to take a photo and share it to social media, or take a photo of a random act of kindness using #PurplePumpkinNC , #newchoicesSidney #crosswayfarmsfall2017.

Purple Thursday occurring on October 19, 2017; all you do is wear as much or as little purple as you possibly can. Purple Thursday is a National observance of Domestic Violence Awareness, we ask that you, your friends, family, colleagues and other community members take a picture and share to social media using #PurpleThursdayNC and #newchoicesSidney.

Throughout the month of October we ask that you participate in a month long observance of Domestic Violence Awareness. We will be distributing purple ribbons to be present at various locations throughout Shelby County. If you would like to join us in this and have not yet received a ribbon please contact our office 937-498-7261. Also throughout the month, please feel free to participate in Put The Nail In It, a National Demonstration of the fight to end Domestic Violence. Paint one of your fingernails or all of your fingernails purple and share a photo to social media using #PutTheNailInItNC and #newchoicesSidney.

We want to thank our community for coming together and supporting not only New Choices but the survivors who we are able to assist. The participation of these events is not only to show our community the support we have for the end of Domestic Violence but the nation.

October Awareness Flyer 2017



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